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Maintenance Methods
*Rusting due to metallic particles: With regards to the attachment of metallic particles on the surface of stainless steel, such as, iron powder, it is recommended to use clean and dust-free sponges or cloth along with a little bit of neutral detergent to carefully wipe off the targeted rusting area. Then, apply some water and make sure all the detergent is washed off. Finally, simply dry off the area and provide regular maintenance to avoid the material from rusting again. *In areas where it’s highly polluted or corrosive, such as around factories, crowded cities with heavy traffic, or beaches, it is highly recommended to apply SUS304 Titanium Coating with Anti-Fingerprint stainless steel sheets. Keep in mind that when cleaning and maintain the material, especially finishes like hairline, it is important to clean along with the hairline directions and not to go from side to side or circular motions, or else the surface texture can be damaged, scratches can occur, and pollutants are less likely to be removed. In addition, strong acidic or basic detergents, as well as sandpaper are strictly prohibited to be used at all times because they will further damage the surface of the material and causing further rusting to occur. *Please be advised that while stainless steel sheets are being transferred to or on construction site, protective films must stay on the surface at all times until all the work has been done. Also, if the environment of the construction site is not friendly, be sure to tape along all sides to close out all gaps between the material and the protective film to avoid corrosive material from entering and damage the surface. Pay special attention to many detergents on construction sites; avoid them from coming in contact with stainless steel material since they are highly corrosive, be sure to wash off with clean water and dry off the area if they do get on the material.